Dry, Sensitive, Non-Pigmented and Wrinkle-Prone

Use the proper products every day to change your DSNW skin type to the ideal skin type, ORNT.

Baumann Skin Type Number 2

What Are DSNW’s Barriers To Skin Health?

  • Dehydration- An impaired barrier makes DSNW skin less able to retain water and protect against irritants and allergens than other Baumann Skin Types.

  • lnflammation- Sensitive Baumann Skin Types have underlying inflammation. DSNW skin types often have one or more ofthe following: acne, rosacea, stinging or contact dermatitis.

  • Advanced Aging- Lifestyle habits such as spending time in the sun without sunscreen make your skin more prone to wrinkles and skin cancer.

Product Advice for DSNW’s

  • Cleanser— Avoid foaming cleansers

  • Moisturizer—Use barrier repair moisturizers with MLE technology or ceramides. fatty acids and cholesterol

  • Anti-aging Prod ucts- Use products with one or more of the following: antioxidants, retinoids, sunscreen, growth factors, heparin sulfate and defensin containing products.